Spam Complaint Elimination

Your Spam Complaint

Get rid of your spam complaint before it happens. First, our built-in spam checker identifies words that will either get you caught in spam traps or trigger spam filters. Even if your email gets to the intended recipient, spam words can trigger complaints. Also, our platform allows for multiple field inserts which shows the recipient that you have information that makes the email more personal and less likely to be thought of as spam. Even if you take all of the precautions and are mailing to an opt-in list, spam complaints are going to happen. Many ISP’s shut you down with one complaint. While we do not support spam, we are complaint resilient.

Dynamic Fields / Contact Data

XipMail lets you add contact details to your email platform which helps keep your emails from being marked as spam. There are multiple automated inserts and dynamic fields available in our email software platform. Some of these dynamic field inserts will get your email opened up to 600% more often than not using dynamic inputs. Some of the most important include first name, last name, phone and more. Others, such as unsubscribe link, are a legal requirement in some countries. We help you keep compliant.

Bounce Handling

One of the fastest ways to get marked as a spammer is to continually email to an invalid email address or to a list that is not clean. Good email list hygiene practices are crucial to good inbox delivery. While we recommend to scrub new lists and maintain existing lists, our software will track and differentiate between hard bounces and soft bounces and will ask what you want to do with each.

To get rid of spam complaints, make sure you clean your lists. Find out more about email list cleaning.

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