Managed Email Services

What Are Managed Email Services?

The XipMail platform is a self-service platform. We recognize that there are individuals and companies who would like to market using the most cost effective means available. Email is still gives you the best return of any channel for┬ámarketing ROI. Why don’t more people do it? Maybe it is because of the stigma associated with email. Maybe it is because email as a marketing channel is too labor intensive to do properly. We have a solution – Managed Email Services.

What are Managed Email Services? Services associated with creating and running email marketing such as campaign creation, sending, monitoring and testing. If you are new to email marketing then this allows you to learn emailing the right way as you go. If you are a marketing department or a marketer offering email services to your clients, this is a great model. With the push of a button, you have added a team of email marketing experts to your marketing arsenal.

Should I Use Managed Email Services?

Whether or not you use Managed Email Services is your call. Depending on your requirements, it can be an expensive proposition, or so it seems. Let’s look at the reverse side and maybe that will help provide a clearer picture of the cost. First of all, the service can range anywhere from an extra $30 extra per month to several thousand dollars per month. It all boils down to a matter of what services you need. The real cost of doing the work necessary to email properly however, is in lost time and sunk costs.

Likely Managed Email Services Candidates

If you are new to email marketing, plan on spending a great deal of money catching up to the learning curve. Anyone can purchase an email platform and everyone tells you how easy it is. Here are the things they don’t tell you. Your first goal is trying to get a reasonable flow of signups. You will spend a small fortune doing it. Then you send out emails you think are great and get little to no response. Finally, after all the heartache, you get an email one day. That email notifies you that you are banned by your email service provider, you are blocked by multiple ISP’s because you are on several blacklists or, most probably, both.

Scenario 2. As an experienced email marketer, you understand all the steps that go into successful campaigns. You know it is labor intensive so you leave it on the back burner while you focus on your mainstream marketing channel. Sign up for Managed Email Services so you can plug email back into your system. If you do marketing for smaller clients, we can help you expand your services. All that money you left on the table before has a significant cost. We are here to help you reclaim it. Contact us if you need more answers.

How Much Does Managed Email Services Cost?

As indicated above, Managed Email Services can range from $30 up depending on the services you require. We wanted to make it as easy as possible so we broke service charges into 2 methods. First method is that we allocate a number of hours to your project each month. In packages of 10 hours per block, you will pay $250 per 10 hour block and $30 per hour for each hour over. The cost is $225 per month and $25 per hour over if you sign a one-year agreement.

The second method is that you talk to a representative. Then we can determine what Managed Email Services you need and create a monthly flat rate. This is in addition to the email sending portion of the platform. Please let us know what questions you may have.