Email Service Providers

Email is still the #1 most viable form of marketing and advertising compared to any other form of media from a cost and reach standpoint. Email service providers, for the most part, service email accounts at two levels. First, there are your small service providers that deliver anywhere from one thousand to ten thousand a month which is where many private parties start.

Then you have the second tier of service which has an entirely new set of rules. First, there is the delivery component of email sending at this level. To ensure delivery, even with permission based emails, you have to rotate your ip’s because Internet Service Providers and email account management companies (Google, Hotmail, etc…) all limit email based on traffic flow. This is why there is no in-between. You either have to offer bulk features or not offer them.

Then, when you get to this level as an email service provider, you have to understand your email inside and out through split testing and segmenting to know the effectiveness of an email campaign. Additionally, your campaign is more than one email, it is a set of emails created to derive a specific response or action from the recipient. That means your email platform had better have autoresponders and webforms for collecting data. You also have to have tools such as surveys and polls to engage your email readers and newsletter recipients.

Engagement, Conversion, Open Rate and Click-Through Rate are the four most important terms in the Complete Email Solution handbook. Email is still the most viable marketing and advertising tool on the planet but you better know what you are doing. If you do, then you need an Email Service Platform that meets your needs. If you need an expert to help you create your email and digital marketing strategies, we can help you there as well. To sign up for email self-service, visit our Plans & Pricing page or, for more information, contact us and we will either manage a platform for you or we will assist you in creating your email strategy.