XipMail: Powerful Email Campaign Reporting

You can send an email campaign out to millions of people but if you are not tracking performance then you are throwing money out the window. This is one of the most important components of email marketing. You can have the most powerful bulk email delivery software on the planet but your reporting functions need to be stronger. Our platform is one of the most robust reporting platforms available.

XipMail Email Campaign Reporting

Know Your Email Campaign Reporting Statistics

Segmenting, Split Test and Performance

Key metrics help you decide which email campaign performs better and helps you increase your open rates and conversions. Email is really simple, unless you don’t do it right. We give you all the tools to do it right.

Contact Level Tracking

Know which of your contacts is most likely to buy from any given list. We help you view which contacts open an email and you can easily tie your emails into google analytics to help you gauge performance.

Email Opens and Email Click-Throughs

There are 3 simple goals to any email campaign. The first is to get the reader to open the email. There is a lot of psychology that goes into this combined with timing and familiarity. If the reader doesn’t have the need or desire to open then email then they won’t. A good average to know is that the recipient will typically act after receiving 7 emails. If you can get them to open faster then that is a good thing but you better know the open rate of your email campaign. This all boils down to the subject line.

Next is the Click-Through Rate or CTR. Once you get the reader to open the email, then you have to get them to click on the link in the email That means your offer needs to be compelling. This is another critical element to your campaign. Finally, your conversion rate is the most important number. This is the number of people who ‘sign-up’ or who actually spend money. Anyone who fits into one of these 3 categories is a high value target because they have not only interacted with your email, they are also now in the pipeline for completing a sale.

Reporting is how you determine the value of your email campaign and we give you extremely powerful email campaign reporting functions. Signup today!