Email Campaign Management

Option 1: Self-Service Email Campaign Management

If you know what you are doing then you have all the tools at your disposal to get the job done. From segmenting and split testing to autoresponders, webforms, surveys, dynamic fields, spam checker, scheduler, unlimited contacts, contact management and advanced contact searching, we give you professional grade, industrial strength platform to use for your bulk email needs.

  • Unlimited Contacts

Our software allows you to add as many contacts and contact lists as you like. This way you can separate by demographics or you can keep them all in one large contact list. You control how you interact.

  • Flexible Delivery

Schedule immediately or send at a specific time. Also, you can send in html, text or multipart and embed images, videos and other content.

  • Dynamic Fields

User defined dynamic fields based on any default or custom field in the contact database. System defined fields such as unsubscribe that you can simply drop into any email.

  • Bounce Processing

Automated bounce processing so you don’t continue to send to invalid emails and get flagged as a spammer.

  • Spam Checking

Your email content is analyzed for spam keywords and the spam report shows you exactly what needs to be changed to make sure your email gets delivered to your subscriber’s inbox and not to the junk mail folder.

  • Spam Checking

Many other features including surveys, autoresponders, split testing, segmenting, webforms and more giving you the tools you need to effectively market.

Option 2: We Do It All For You

Let our team of email campaign experts do the heavy lifting for you. We will generate campaigns, clean and manage your lists, deliver and report on effectiveness. Contact us so that we can find out exactly what you need and provide a quote for services.