Functional Contact List Management

At the core of any powerful, industrial strength email platform is the ability to manage unlimited contacts and unlimited contact lists. The XipMail Email platform utilizes a proven industry standard when it comes to offering full-featured, professional grade software. Built on an architecture that supports mailing multiple millions of emails everyday, we did not stop short when evaluating the platform to use for contact list management.

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Full-Feature Contact List Management

Unlimited Contacts / Contact Lists

Upload as many contacts as you would like and create an unlimited number of contact lists to use for email marketing and advertising. We make contact list management easy.

Contact List Management and Maintenance

Easily and quickly upload and import your lists. Our upload process will identify duplicate email addresses to help you with data integrity. Add to your and manage your list at any time.

Custom Fields

Create as many custom fields as you like. Even if they are not the same name as your source data, you can easily map which fields you would like to upload and where.

Automatic Unsubscribe, Bounce Processing and List Removal

All lists include robust options around unsubscribe, bounce processing and list removal giving you complete control over the management of your lists. Also, choose the whichever optin process you like to add to and build your list.

List Segmentation, Split Testing and Activity Tracking

Understand each member in your list and those with a higher value because they open your emails and interact with your campaigns. We give you the tools you need to increase your open rate, your click-through rate and your conversions.

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